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WRQ Community Update September 2023

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WRQ Community Update November 2022

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Dust & Air Quality Fact Sheet October 2022

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Hanson Letter to Stakeholders January 2022

July 2021​ 

Hanson Letter to Stakeholders July 2021

Building Community

Engaging with our Community – We are committed to building relationships and working with all people interested in White Rock Quarry.
  • Hanson acknowledge the community’s interest in White Rock Quarry and have a dedicated Engagement Strategy designed to bridge the gap in communications, information, and shared experiences.

  • Recent conversations with our community have revealed an interest in meeting the team, viewing operations, and speaking directly with quarry management.

Hanson would like to provide one-on-one tours for interested residents to continue our commitment to building relationships within our community.


To register your interest and book a one-on-one tour, please go to our Contact Us Page, and fill out the form with your details and request. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

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