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White Rock Quarry

We as a company are essential for shaping the future. We help to build the infrastructure of communities by working with and being part of them. Our communities are our customers, neighbours, and our people. Through innovation we lead, create and support long lasting community.

In South Australia, Hanson directly employs approximately 150 people and indirectly supports many hundreds of additional jobs through haulage contractors, suppliers, trades and professional services. Many South Australian businesses — from landscapers and suppliers through to building and road construction companies — utilise material supplied by Hanson. Local councils and State Government are also significant users of material, either directly or indirectly through contractors.

The White Rock Quarry site has been highlighted by the State Government as a Strategic Resource Area (SRA). An SRA is an area within the greater Adelaide region or near a regional centre that is of key economic value and vital for South Australia to continue to support the needs of local communities.

Further information on Strategic Mineral Areas can be located here.


The White Rock Quarry in Horsnell Gully is more than 70 years old, having commenced operations in approximately 1946 to supply the Adelaide metropolitan area with aggregate material.

Hanson has owned and operated the quarry since 2007, playing a key role in the local construction industry and in the local community, with many staff living in the district.

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